The modified deck must:

  • Not project beyond the edge of the building (if an end unit)
  • Not project further than 10 ft away from the building
  • Not be closer than 4 ft to the beginning of your neighbor’s unit
  • Leave a 2 ft space in front of a basement window for maintenance of the window
  • Be made of essentially the same materials in the same colors and have essentially the same design characteristics as the other decks in Pittsfield Village


If the deck is enlarged, an additional expense will be charged to the member each time the deck is cleaned and refinished.






A plan view is required showing:

The difference between the existing and the modified deck

Handrails and what they look like

Number of steps, size, and height, of each step required to get to the ground

Overall dimensions

Existing doors and windows (living room, bedroom, basement)



Detailed plans must accompany the applications that show:

  • Sizes of structural members (posts, joists, beams) and sizes and shapes of joist or post holders if any
  • Sizes of decking materials
  • Sizes of attaching devices (nails, screws)
  • Foundations
  • Description of materials
  • Drawing (elevation) showing the height and the design of the vertical elements or sides of the deck




Detailed plans can be the free computer generated drawings from Home Depot, Lowes, or Fingerle Lumber